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The Michigan Abilities Center (MAC) provides affordable and effective customized programs to improve function, promote wellness, enhance self-esteem, and empower individuals with special needs to achieve meaningful goals and functional outcomes.  Farm life at Heritage Hill Haven is combined with therapy and learning, resulting in effective and engaging equine-assisted therapy and activities, experiential learning, life skills, and traditional & alternative rehabilitation services.  Equine assisted therapy services are prioritized at MAC because they are much more effective than traditional therapy due to the unique benefits of horses.  Services are provided year round for clients and their families.

MAC Programs at Heritage Hill Haven:

  • Combine “horsepower” and farm life with therapy & learning; thus making “horse sense” and resulting in meaningful gains.
  • Include hippotherapy, therapeutic riding, equine facilitated learning & mental health and life skills that incorporate farm life and service.
  • Improve outcomes since equine assisted therapy is more effective than traditional therapy due to the unique benefits & movement of horses.
  • Teach life skills & herd dynamics to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life and promote team building skills.
  • Allow those who “march to the beat of a different drummer” to thrive & maximize their abilities and potential; thus enhancing self-esteem.

Equine assisted therapy and learning includes the following services:

  • Hippotherapy (provided by AHA trained PT, OT, & SLP therapists)
  • Therapeutic riding (provided by PATH certified riding instructors)
  • Equine facilitated learning (provided by therapists, educators, & instructors)
  • Equine facilitated mental health (provided by mental health care professionals)

Experiential Learning and Therapeutic Focus Areas:

  • Animal Assisted Therapy, Learning, Mental Health, & Wellness:  Enhance quality of life, improve function, bring hope and healing, achieve meaningful outcomes, enhance self-esteem & empower individuals with special needs.
  • Life Skills & Soft Skills:  Deal effectively with the demands & challenges of everyday life by promoting psychosocial, interpersonal, & team building skills that result in adaptive and positive behavior for youth and families.
  • Service to Others & Animals:  Physical & spiritual fitness through actions & service. “Great occasions for serving God come seldom, but little ones surround us daily”…especially at MAC and the Haven!  St. Francis de Sales