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A variety of amazing therapy ponies and horses are available for MAC equine assisted therapy and learning programs at Heritage Hill Haven.  This variety of equine sizes, movement, and personalities enables an optimal match between horses and riders to facilitate desired movements and interaction during therapy sessions.  Please consider sponsoring one of these wonderful horses ($5,000 for the year or $417 per month) to help cover the costs of care (actual costs are higher per horse).  If interested in sponsoring a horse or assisting with other program needs, visit the “Donate” tab and specify the horse you would like to sponsor per year or per month, or click here:  Sponsor a Horse.





Riding this sturdy Haflinger gelding has been compared to sitting on a plush sofa.  He is broad and has a smooth to ride.  Ambrose (registered name) arrived in 2014. He is strong, curious, and loves to be ridden.



Angel is a sixteen-year-old bay Arabian mare with delicate features. She has been a favorite in the program for her long walk and expressive trot since she arrived in September 2008.  She loves people, and she is famous for her “smile” that she reveals after she gets her treats. Some riders claim that Angel is so tuned in to their cues that they only have to think about where to go and Angel will take them there!



You can’t look at Apache without thinking “cute”. His inquisitive eyes and and “spotted blanket” are adorable.   He is a Fjord-Appaloosa cross.  Because he is so uniquely marked, he’s easy to spot out in our pastures. He is very curious, loves to play tricks, and loves attention.



This lovable mare has been capturing the hearts of riders and volunteers alike since her arrival in October of 2008.  She is a 21 year old beautiful Norwegian Fjord.  Her black dorsal stripe is a striking contrast to her beautiful light dun coat.  Her companionable spirit and trustworthiness make her extremely reliable.  Everyone loves to hug her like a “Teddy Bear”.  She is the same kind of horse as Sitron in the Disney movie Frozen.  With her long, thick coat she is more reliable than a Groundhog at predicting the arrival of Spring, and much cuter too!



A beautiful registered American Shetland mare with very striking black and white markings.  Her registered name is Wenlock Casey and she was born in March, 27, 2000 in Ann Arbor at the O’Connor farm on Ann Arbor-Saline road and was named after their daughter, Casey.  She arrived at the farm in September, 2003.  Her black and white paint markings are very striking.  Casey is very playful and loves to trot.



This lovable pony is great for our smaller riders.  Around twenty years old, Clover is a light chestnut color Haflinger-Hackney cross mare with a creamy mane and white markings.  Her trot is like an Irish Jig and elicits giggles of delight from the riders.


Daisy the Donkey

Daisy is very playful miniature donkey who loves attention.   She is a very clever and has learned how to open the gate and go on “unsupervised”  field trips  with with her pony buddies, however she is also the protector of the ponies, to chase away the coyotes if they get too close.  Her big ears and “He Haw” at feed time captures the attention of horses and humans.


Gabriel (Gabe)

Named “Gabriel” because he self-announced his own immaculate conception (he’s the foal of our mare, Angel!) is a beautiful part-Arabian gelding. He has a rich, chestnut coat and beautiful white markings. Gabe was born at the farm in 2009 and has been in training since to be a therapy horse. His love of people and his curiosity make him a great candidate, and he is also very smart.



Her spots make her a favorite of both kids and adults alike. This pinto mare is patient and trustworthy and is a great hippotherapy horse, as well as a favorite ride for our TR clients. She is aptly called Maizey to cheer on the “Maize & Blue”!


McDonald (Mac)

A Registered Quarter Horse, McDonald (Mac) excels with our more experienced riders, and has a beautiful and full trot. He loves to be ridden, and is also gentle enough for some of our beginner riders to work with. His vibrant sorrel color and white blaze is very striking and he captures the attention of all of the mares.  Mac was born in Medicine Lodge, Kansas on June 9, 1998 and was a trail horse at a summer camp for youth in Wisconsin before arriving at the farm in September, 2003.  His registered name is “Fire by Design”.  He was named McDonald after Kathy’s father and is referred to affectionately by his Irish nickname “Mac”.



She was delivered on Christmas in July in 2014 by Santa. Stardust is a Haflinger with beautiful dappled coloring, who is inquisitive and always interested in what is going on around her.  She is very sturdy and gives a smooth ride.



A Haflinger gelding, is aptly named “Touchdown Tommy” because he is surrounded by Michigan fans and is a winner in our eyes. Tommy is a dependable,  sturdy horse who is great for both our beginner and experienced riders.



This gentle but firm gelding is the “leader of the pack” and keeps order in the herd.  Tucker was the first therapy horse to arrive at the farm in September, 2002, along with his miniature friend Misty.  He was born on May 25, 1991 in Bloomington, Indiana.  He is double registered as a Quarter horse and Buckskin and his registered name is Doc’s Royal Jet.  He has very striking markings with his long black socks that contrast his buckskin coat.  He has steady gaits and gentle attitude. He is very intuitive and is a wonderful mental health horse.  He loves to be rubbed on his neck and chest, stretching out his neck and wiggling his lips in approval.

Medical Memorial Fund

Please consider donating to the Medical Memorial Fund, in honor of those horses who have served at Heritage Hill Haven and are now in greener Heavenly pastures. This fund is to help cover extra medical expenses to maintain the health and comfort of our herd, as well as palliative care when our horses age.  If you are interested in donating to help cover extra medical expenses, please visit the “Donate” tab and specify the Medical Memorial Fund, or click here:  Medical Memorial Fund.


In Memory of Misty  (Served from September, 2002 to October, 2016)


In loving memory of MAC’s beloved miniature horse Misty, who went to Heaven this past Sunday evening. Misty’s registered AMHA name was “Jo’s Little Sundance” and she was born on June 8, 1992. She lived up to her name by bringing sunshine and joy to all who met her at MAC. She arrived at Heritage Hill 14 years ago with her best buddy, Tucker. They were the first horses at MAC.

Misty had a beautiful dapple grey coat with a flaxen mane and tail. Her big, soft eyes had a way of warming your heart when you looked at her. Standing only 3 feet tall, she had soft and gentle demeanor that was welcoming and comforting to new riders. Despite her small stature, she had a huge impact on all MAC clients and team members she encountered. She captured the hearts and hugs of all. Misty often went to “birthday parties” and MAC riders loved to dress her up for such occasions. Misty loved the attention. She also had the honor of transporting Winnie the Pooh and Tigger to welcome new riders and put them at ease.

All of her herd buddies had an opportunity to say goodbye to Misty. It was very touching to see them all caress her tenderly as she went to Heaven. This reminds us how intuitive horses are. We will all miss Misty tremendously, but we take comfort in knowing that she will be a favorite in Heaven and is up there prancing in the sunshine.

In Memory of Chief (Served from November, 2008 to September, 2014)

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In fond memory of MAC’s beloved “Chief Horse Feathers”, who peacefully went to sleep last night and woke up this morning in Heaven. Chief will be dearly missed by all. Chief’s registered name was “Sunny Butterfly”, and true to his name, he made everyone’s day “sunny” at MAC. From the moment Chief arrived at MAC on November 22, 2008, he captured the hearts and hugs of all with his gentle nature and giant dalmatian-like appearance. In addition to his dedicated service to the clients at MAC, he had the honor of transporting Santa on several occasions during his visits to MAC at Christmas time and during Christmas in July. We are certain that he will be a favorite in Heaven; and will enjoy watching the MAC riders and his MAC equine buddies from the greener pastures above.