Francine’s Testimonial

“Maddy has also learned about the care of horses and helps with grooming. With the help of wonderful volunteers, Maddy has walked horses back to the barns and has learned about what they eat and how they interact with other horses. She has also expressed many times that she knows how a horse is feeling. She first expressed this by saying they “talk” to her but we figured out that this how she is picking up on how the horse feels. Sheʼll say the horse is happy to see her, tired, scared etc. Maddy has become much more confident since she started equine-assisted therapy. She takes pride in helping out with the horses and she has learned to interact appropriately with all of the volunteers. She has been riding at MAC for about 4 years. I also have to mention how beautiful and peaceful the grounds of the property are.”

– Francine E., client’s mother

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