Spring in Michigan: Birkey was not fooled by Mother Nature’s tricks!

Birkey was correct in her prediction again this year and was not fooled by the January and February thaws, thus maintaining her 100% accurate prediction record. She had good reason to shedding gradually this year and still be holding onto most of her winter coat…given snow this past week and the recent Great Lakes “hurricane-like” chilling winds that caused widespread power outages. She is shedding more now along with the rest of her herd. So hopefully the last snow and sleet has fallen for the winter, with spring arriving approximately on time this year. So next Groundhog’s Day, come hug a horse if you want to get an accurate prediction of the arrival of spring in Michigan! Regardless of the weather, Birkey and the other therapy horses will warm your heart and make your day sunny year-round!

Hug a Horse Update: Is Spring Arriving Early in Michigan?

Were the bitter cold winds this past week Michigan winter’s last frigid blast for 2017? Is spring arriving this weekend? Come to MAC and find out “straight from the horses’ mouth…or rather fur coat…as they are more accurate than groundhogs. Birkey, our expert predictor, started shedding small amounts on February 8th, a week after the NE and Michigan groundhog prognosticators predicted at least 6 more weeks of winter. She has continued to shed a little more each day.

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Hug a Horse Day 2017: Birkey’s Prediction of Spring

Forget the Groundhogs…go straight to the “horse’s mouth” (or rather fur coat) for the most accurate prediction of spring’s arrival!

Should we trust Groundhog prognosticators to provide an accurate prediction of Spring’s arrival?   The Michigan Abilities Center (MAC) at Heritage Hill Haven, a PATH, International Equine Assisted Therapy program that serves special needs in Ann Arbor, recommends getting an accurate prediction “straight from the horse’s mouth”…or rather their “fur coat”.  Their resident expert, Birkey, a lovable Norwegian Fjord, has had 100% accuracy since she arrived at MAC the fall of 2008.  If she is beginning to shed her thick fur coat by Groundhog’s Day, we will have an early spring in Michigan. MAC team members and riders know to give Birkey the “hug” test and if they end up covered in horse hair, we can count on an early spring. So why stand out in the cold watching for the groundhog’s shadow when you can come to MAC and find out by hugging a horse?

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